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I believe this thread was to help because the poster was feeling overwhelmed.

Working with an ADHD child has taught me to pair ADHD and neurotypical motivations. If a house is set up for ADHD it may not look exactly like originally envisioned but it will work for everyone.

Neurotypical motivation + ADHD motivation = successful technique

Cleaning + connecting emotionally = parallel work.

Getting going + Avoid daunting tasks = Smaller goal.

Organisation + Remembering = Leaving regularity used tools out as reminders

Clean up messes + Simplify = Bins, less stuff, making sure cupboards are not puzzles.

Apply for jobs + Simplify = Use an employment agency.

Grow food + No digging or weeding = Lasagna Gardening + automatic watering

I also like:

Lean Methodology to do regular tasks right the first time

Creative Bullet Journals to make sure nothing gets missed

5S methodology to get organised

PS I’m hearing a lot of “I’m not prejudiced but…”. It’d Be good to keep this positive.

(A negative spouse can kill ADHD Strengths, even inflict a psychological injury)

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