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I feel ya. My solution was to bring back the fanny pack into style. When I go anywhere I keep my keys wallet, phone and sun glasses in my fanny pack. Maybe this can be a tool for you too. 🙂 At the end of the day, these things are just things, and your mind is doing what it is good at, wondering and being curious about the world around it, and not focusing in material items. In every perceived weakness, there is a unique strength.

I found for myself, the more I tried to force my mind to do something that doesn’t comes natural to it, (that being having singular focus on a topic I am loosely interested in) the more my mind is more exhausted leaving me feeling like a loser inside for having to work so hard at something that seems simple for others.

In addition to setting myself up for success with a fanny pack, I found that learning about and practicing the methods of mindfulness and meditation has helped strengthen my ability to focus. Luminosity (an phone app)offers a really great 5 minute (bite-size) break down of this practice.