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I can totally relate! When I was in middle school and high school (10 years ago) I constantly lost the keys to my bicycle. Our caretaker would just bring them to my during lunch break or when I passed his office. It was a constant source of embarrassment. I’m still very inattentive when it comes to things like keys, phones or (sun)glasses so I’ve developed a system that works for me and minimizes lost things (it still happens once in a while though).

For me it helps to have a somewhat of a permanent place or places for things like keys and my phone. I only have one coat per season and my keys are in my right pocket. Looking back I can never quite recall what I have done with my keys, but because it’s an ingrained habit, they are always in my pocket. When I’m not wearing a coat due to the weather my keys are in my right trouser pocket or in specific compartment in my bag.

I also have limited the amount of bags I have. I have one backpack for work and university and one ‘nice’ purse for when you need one of those. In each bag there is a designated compartment for phone and keys. So when I’m locking up my home etc. and my mind is miles away I know that I will put my keys/phone where they should be because that is an ingrained habit (muscle memory).

At home everything has it’s own place too. So when I can’t find something I don’t have to panic because 95% the item I’ve lost is simply in one of the designated spots, I just don’t remember placing said item there.

Perhaps something like this will work for you too? It has saved me a lot of stress, anxiety and embarrassment over the years. Don’t let being someone who loses things define you and get you down! Good luck!