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If you haven’t had your child tested by a professional who is truly qualified to determine whether dyslexia (or another issue) could be the cause – that’s the place to start. Start right…don’t find out years later: your child will be the big loser. For some of us, reading text never will be our modality. I hated reading…for good reason. I had to choose my major in college around this fact…in spite of having reading tutors through 7th grade. I’ve come to realize that sites, papers and books that are text-dense cause overwhelm. Add primary colors, white space and photos…and I can handle things a lot better.

We need to kick tech industry into gear to make multisensory learning the norm. This wasn’t possible when I was growing up…but it is now. Many of us find Audio-books a blessing – allowing us to finally become the human sponges we were meant to be!

CHECK THIS OUT for your child – I am eager to for myself, too! EXCITING!!
VOICE DREAM READER & Winston Chen Podcast at Go Dyslexia –
Do all you can to help your child ENJOY learning as a child…With this Voice Dream Reader I could have chosen the major I had wanted. I could have started learning when I was a little child. I wish your child all the very best!