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I will second graphic novels and magazines. My daughter started 2nd grade with a love of books (if she was read to) and a low 1st grade reading level. A teacher sparked the love of books into a love a reading and set her up with graphic novels and non-fiction books (like weird, but true), and she took off. She completed 3rd grade at a 5th grade reading level.
If you need some ideas: Some of my 9yo’s recent favorite graphic novels are Roller Girl and the Raina Telgemeier books (Smile, Sisters), and Real Friends. Non fiction books with pictures like animal/nature encyclopedias, National Geographic books, and STEM project books (Like Smithsonian Maker Lab or STEM lab) are also winners.

We didn’t pressure, but kept reinforcing reading as a priority in our home. She hated to read to herself, but I was reading chapter books to her every night. We also did a lot of audio books. Listening in the car was a great way for us to “read” together in the spare moments and share discussion over the story.

Getting text to speech included as an accommodation on her IEP was also huge for upping her test taking confidence.

Hang in there…Keep supporting her and it will come! …now if you have an advice on helping a kid struggling to write… 😉