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Sounds like it was worth it, because you’re getting medication and it’s doing good things.

But I can understand why with your new-found focus some of it is spent surveying what could have been, and you’re feeling frustrated.

I think that’s a very reasonable emotion to feel, and acknowledge – just try to also look for the positives – 57 is nowhere near old enough to be writing off the decades you have still to enjoy, contribute and learn to live with the new normal.

For a start, well done getting the diagnosis and can you tell me which meds you were diagnosed with please? I am 40 and looking at a 2 year + wait to get a diagnosis because although ADHD is daily hampering me setting up a small business, as an adult I am considered low priority 🙁 But I guess starting trying the meds at 42 or 43 will still be better than not! So you’ve reminded me to chase up a form I wasn’t sent to even get onto that waiting list…

I doubt you will find any advice specifically tailored to your stage in life – there is little enough for adults of any age. Here is probably the best place, and other people here will empathise.

Good luck with re-assessing your goals and priorities. Maybe draw up a big list of pros and cons and it’s OK to have negatives, but actively look for positives too. Even if your meds wiped out all ADHD symptoms overnight, it doesn’t give you superpowers to tackle every thing you ever struggled with, and you will still need to find motivation. If making new plans, what would a nice, solid, rest of 2019 look like without committing to wild projects to catch up for lost time? A bit of tidying and consolidation might help firm up your feeling of power to move forwards.

If you’re Christian, Isaiah 53:4-12 was written centuries before, predicting the core message in Matthew 11:28 of the guy who always sought out the people struggling on the edges…

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