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We tried everything, eventually what worked was when I gave in to comic books, and then once those were accepted we moved to graphic novels.I held off on the comics because they were not “real” books, BUT they ended up being the first step to reading.

The comics were not at grade level, and certainly not teacher approved (lots of references to things like burping, and passing gas and other gross things kids find funny). The below grade level reading made it something he could do without too much difficulty (which was and is rare), once he realized reading could be fun and funny, I bought some comic books then the graphic novels.
I bought them so no one would freak out when we lost them or forgot to return them, or if they ended up being colorfully decorated with stickers…which is STILL a thing…he’s 18 now.
Last thing…may sound weird to typical people, but we kept books in the bathroom. It was where there were no distractions. There wasn’t ANYTHING more interesting in that room for him to do while he “sat there”. Perhaps it was out of pure boredom that he picked those books up, but eventually they became so interesting he would hyper focus and we would have to make him “get up”
….It’s always something, but at least he became a “reader”, at least in the bathroom. Good luck