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1. To get the most out of the visit with my own NP/Doc/medical provider, I am totally upfront with them. Not holding anything back, so he/she can do the worry, not me.

2. It also might be helpful to have your close family member(s) with you in the visit. Me for one, is not a good observer of myself and not a very good self-advociate, sometimes. Having someone that knows you well can help to tell your story better than you can.

3. I make a list of things that I want to ask or talk about before I go in to see my own NP/Doc.

4. And I will certainly ask questions about my own health with my NP/Docs. Just between us, NP/Docs are not very good mind readers.

5. It sounds like your NP is trying to figure things out (yes, that takes time). But if you think your current NP is not helping or not willing to listen, I will look for a second opinion if I were you.

Hope this helps.

And watch out, I drive a black Forester 😉