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As a children’s library associate, I’ve seen many parents struggle to get their child to read. While I can’t give any expertise on the ADHD side (I’m an adult ADHD individual who LOVES to read but have yet to have children so not a parent of an ADHD child), I do have experience with children who just dont like to read. I recommend to parents to get them started in graphic novels. While many parents don’t qualify this as reading, it is a good gateway to get them interested since it DOES still have words but visuals as well (and some ADHD individuals just need those visuals). My library has graphic novels for ALL age levels (juvenile, tween, YA, and adult–all are obviously seperate). Also I’ve been told trying books that are at a younger reading level may help. While that might be less challenging, the child may find they can focus more on enjoying the story than trying to overcome challenges which may ultimately motivate them to read those more challenging books. I really hope you can get your child to read as it has been such a gift to me!