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All your stories are also mine! However, my husband and I are separated (3rd time). This time it looks as though we will be getting a divorce. We have been married almost 20 years and have 3 teenagers. I’m so exhausted after years of parenting our kids and feeling like he was another kid as well. Do any of your partners have addictions as well? Mine used addictions for a long time to cope with the anxiety and stress of his ADHD. He’s in a 12-step group, goes to counseling, takes medicine…. He is taking so long to learn new coping mechanisms. He also isolates himself and is not there emotionally or in any way to help out with parenting and with chores around the house. I set up some boundaries and he didn’t follow them so I asked him to leave. It’s very devastating. However my kids are now old enough to see how childish their dad acts and they don’t like it. They want him to be a dad and not an annoying older brother. Anyway, I relate to all of you and this is such a hard place to be.