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Well, I got it and tried it today finally … the Adderall XR 10 mg.. at 9:30 am. It is now 6 pm and I can tell it is wearing off/down. I was so relieved no problems with my heart going weird and it made me less anxious. It made me not ruminate/worry/overthink (not sure if that is my OCD or ADHD that makes me do that). I also felt like I was “here” and was not escaping into the digital world or my head. I noticed many things in my apartment I was unaware of lol. I actually felt happy and wanted to do housework ! Just was doing what was in front of me. But I also could not prioritize or analyze or figure anything out when I needed to. What was I supposed to be doing today? Who cares lol. I felt like a happy zombie in “la la” land (great for breezing through OCD triggers and not feeling scared of them). I did not feel that I could manage to get groceries (not referring to driving…I mean the store). I did not feel I could manage to go anywhere and succeed (except I could have happily went to bed lol). I am thinking that halfway in between ” today’s brain” and my “normal” brain … might work … 5 mg instead of 10 ? Or maybe this wasn not typical? It was kinda like being drunk or something. Not energizing either …
Any thoughts ? I am not taking it tomorrow … maybe Wed or Thurs try again …