Reply To: Generic Adderall


I am new to this site/forum, but not new to ADD, or generic Adderall. I’ve been on generic Adderall made by Aurolife (round, and peach colored with U30 imprinted on them) for many years. Last refill was from Mallinchrodt, and to me it worked(not great but) better. I was forgetting many things, and just could not get things done, now with the Mallinchrodt I’ve gotten many projects finished, and can remember even little things. My mind doesn’t seem so scattered. I’ve never given generics much though, but after feeling, and seeing these little differences I’m wondering what ELSE is different. Is this something doctors know about? If I spoke with my doctor about theses differences, will she think I’m nuts, or worst will she think I’m drug seeking due to my past! 25 years ago i admitted myself into a 21 day inpatiant detox hospital, due to my daily cocaine use. I can see why she would suspect drug seeking, but never have I abused any medication, if anything I forget to take them.