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Yes. ADD can get this bad!! I’m 30 and feel like I’m functioning as maybe a 24 year old. It’s only because I am JUST NOW learning how ADD has affected me my entire life. It’s great you are learning about yourself to better self advocate! Hopefully you can soon learn to laugh at yourself and come up with a way to express to others that it’s not you- it’s your ADD! Advice to you is to not get down on yourself and never think you are ‘less than’ everyone else. I don’t seem to do well in social situations even though I consider myself a very pretty girl who comes off as very put together and smart. Unfortunately, I have lost a lot of relationships, friends and lovers, due to issues surrounding ADD. Now that I have made that discovery, I can learn how to fix it. I have experienced everything you have. My mistake was that I truly thought I was dumb and have had terrible self esteem.

I recently started working with a coach who is helping me find my learning style. Maybe a coach would help in finding strategies for you when you need to retrieve Information quickly. You’re not alone girl!

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