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I don’t want the feeling to end, I don’t want the carriage to turn back into the pumpkin. Like I was powerless in a sense to certain stimulation, I am now powerless to adderall. I will take it at 10pm knowing I have to be up at 5. I don’t care. So, now what? LoL

Hannah, there is an extended release version of Adderall, so you might ask your doctor
if it would have a more subtle effect on your body.

I’ve been taking the non-ER version daily for 9 years, and never even notice when it starts
working, or when it stops (if indeed the medicine’s benefit does stop). I take it daily,
and at those rare times I ran out before refilling my prescription and had to miss a couple
of days, I notice no difference on the first day, and by the third day I can definitely
tell the difference.

FWIW, don’t take it again at 10pm when you need to be up and going at 5. You’re not
powerless. As for the smoking, etc…well, we’ve all made some galactically stupid
choices in life.

Follow ADHDMomma’s advice and I think you’ll be just fine.

All the Best..