Reply To: Adderall XR


Since I was diagnosed with depression & ADHD st age 54, I have adapted my life to accepting that my brain needs a stimulant medication. What it difference it made when I took that first dose!
It was like I put glasses on after squinting to see better all my life

When my psychiatrist had me on the extended release form of Adderall, I really had a struggle when it wore off & I could tell that I was more apt to feel depressed, irritable and overwhelmed. To have the choice to take 10 mg of generic Adderall IR gave me another four hours to delay experiencing the challenges of living with ADHD

I prefer the immediate release stimulant because I can tell when it is most effective more easily but I have needed to train myself to always set my iPhone alarm for four hours right after swallowing it. I keep proof that it’s a current prescription for me in the mediset kept in the zippered inside pocket of my purse (just in case I need to show it to the police).

It’s almost 7am & it’s time for me to brush my teeth, take my meds right afterwards and then set my alarm for four hours instead of “talking” with you using my thumb on this tiny typewriter in my hand

“Good morning!”