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I understand. I have a best friend that I’ve been friends with since we were 12. After i defended her when her boyfriend pushed her lightly over, and he wasn’t trying to hurt her, but still it’s just something you don’t do. She at first defends me because I’m her best friend, but after he talks with her for who knows how long, she sends me a message saying that we all had a part in the wrongdoings. I said no, I may have acted more angry than I should have, but I wasn’t wrong. Still she likes for everyone to be happy and work together. I apparently embarrassed him in is family’s how, which I don’t care about since he started this whole fiasco. I reacted intensely is all, but still she says we’re cool, but it seems like I have to apologize first in order for anything to be okay. I lied to him about feeling sorry about what I said and that I shouldn’t have acted like that, per my friend’s request. I’m thinking about having a serious talk with her about that. Because I’m mad that I have to take back what I knew was right just because her bf can’t be a simple human being when someone tells him something. I told her I didn’t need a wishy washy friend like him. When he pushed her over, he was trying to help her get his phone on the other side of the couch, but he wasn’t nice about. I calmly said he shouldn’t don’t that, and he tried to say I was overstepping my boundaries, when I’ve known her longer and knew she didn’t like what he did. Once he tried to tell me what I could and couldn’t do, I snapped. She just didn’t say anything which is why I did. Most people would respect that a best friend cares, but all he cared about was his pride. And anytime we hung out he just had to come along. It was stupid. I have made new friends in this time and while she still is my friend, unless she realizes the consequences of everything, I don’t think we’ll be as tight as before. A boyfriend shouldn’t stand in the way of a friendship. That’s just what I think. Especially when I rooted for them and became friends with him even when all her other friends left her because they didn’t like him. It’s not usually a good sign when no one not even her family can stand the guy. You shouldn’t have to fight that hard. He seems to have signs of bi-polar disorder too, which is no excuse. I have made more friends that I trust and relate too. 2 have ADHD like myself and another had PTSD. We all are friends because we understand each other on another level from neurotypical people. After I get off the phone with family or leave from a friends presence, I am overcome with relief and emptyness. I always feel wired and tired, so maybe this is something else. But on the friends thing I understand. Sometimes childhood friendships don’t last because they weren’t meant to be your friends for that long. Real friends stick with you, no matter what, You have to test it first and some are going to fail the test. the real friends are the ones who pass. They stick by you even if you’re both struggling, you lean on one another. However, from how you described yourself, you’re not the issue, fake people are. You sound awesome, anyone would be lucky to be your friend. Just know that you’re not alone.

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