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Hi, I’m 22 how funny is that. I am also in college,but online due to having a hard time with other people in the room. I totally understand where you’re coming from. I was diagnosed at 15, but it took a lot of convincing my mom to help me get tested and see a doctor. Wait that was backwards, but you get it. I always knew there was something different about me. I was always called weird,stupid,dumb,or that phrase “what’s wrong with you?” I was always thinking, “Well, I wish I knew.” As a kid, I never really talked about what was going on in my head. Which was a lot,as school was always hard to focus on. At home I would always get got on to for not following directions and forgetting everything. I always ended up forgetting to give papers to my parents, because I would forget they were in my bag. I was taught by my parents, who secretly knew I had ADHD, how to focus, which took a lot of tears out of a young me. It was frustrating that I seemed to be the only who had to stay up doing homework til 3 in the morning before school. And this wasn’t even high school. I remember being very impulsive, still am, I once accidently broke a lamp playing with a bamboo stick on my mom’s bed near her ceiling fan. I once got mad that my phone died and I chucked it at the wall. At 15 everything got amplified and my mom seeked help for herself and her angry impulsively violent daughter. Early on when I was 12 I researched ADHD and related to all symptoms, but it didn’t get bad til highschool, and I was close to failing 2 classes. I started meds then. It was touch and go because I liked my highs and the meds took that away. However, the fog was gone and I felt like I was actually present. Now , I’m 22, already said that, I am managing as I can’t afford meds right now, and I live with my Dad who doesn’t believe in meds and thinks all would have been fine if I had lived with him from the beginning. It’s hard to make them understand it’s about you and not what they think only. I have been dealing more issues, like getting days mixed up, taking hours to start and finish papers, and control anything. Still I am blessed to have made 2 wonderful friends that, not only make sure I don’t get hit by a car, but also have ADHD. I told this story so that you know you’re not alone and you should do what makes you feel right. You’ll carry nothing and being able to find closure in your answers will put you on the path you’re meant to be on. It’s true that God heals, but he also created doctors for those of us who are hurt or need help.So, there’s nothing wrong with asking for help. Praying will actually give you your real answer. I hope this helped. I’m sorry if I rambled on, but might I suggest trying to speak with friends that have it. If you don’t know any, they’ll find you. I find that we gravitate towards people with extraordinary super powers like us.

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