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Mama Vautour

I’d been driving for a long time before I ever took ADD medication. Personally, I find I drive better without it. I am better able to pay attention to everything going on around me, as well as way up the road and behind me. But then, I am actively looking for things all the time. Just don’t expect me to carry on a conversation while I’m driving!

As for the alleged addictiveness of the medication, if that were so, why would so many kids not want to take it and why would so many of us, myself included, forget to take it? I couldn’t take the sustained release version of Ritalin, so I had to take a dose at work. Almost every single day there would come a time that I would be standing at my secretary’s desk with a baffled look on my face and she’d ask “D’ju take your meds yet, Deb?” or “Forgot to take your meds again, eh?” To which I’d respond with the obligatory mumbling all the way back to my office to take my meds and figure out why I’d gone to her desk in the first place.

Good luck with your driving lesson! Remember…leave your cell phone in your purse! There was a time when cell phones didn’t exist. So you can live without it in the car. Seriously, or you might not live with it.