Reply To: Adderall and Moodiness?


though i’m not always the most aware of my irritability on adderall i will say that for me when i take adderall i am very motivated and will do anything to get what needs to be done, done. if anyone or anything is getting in the way of my work i can get very mad because though the adderall helps in feeling motivated and productive it doesn’t erase all distractions or make them less obvious at all. For me what the pill does is give me a reason to not get distracted by the distractions. For example just today my friend jokingly kept chewing his popcorn loudly as he knew it to be something that annoyed me but i just got so mad and annoyed even though i had nothing to do because he was distracting me and because i have just taken this pill that’s supposed to help me but he’s getting in the way of it. Though every case isn’t the exact same obviously i would say that the irritability most likely comes from his want to not let things get in his way when he wants to do his work. Hope this helped!