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watpomp; Every marriage/relationship issue is different, as every human
is different, so it’s honestly very difficult to sort out when someone
doesn’t actually know you or your bf.

I will say this: You, as an individual, have the right to live your life
in the manner you choose. You have your own hopes and dreams, and I’m sure
your BF does as well.

We all have our challenges of one sort or another to work through. If
his ADHD is un-medicated, and you feel it’s not a safe situation to be
in, then by all means you’ve made the right choice in not living together.

You said: “I gave him an ultimatum. But on the other hand I didn’t saw any
other solution. I’ve done everything to give him support, patience and educate
myself and he didn’t even try to manage his symptoms which have huge influence
on me…”

OK, you gave him an ultimatum, and now he has a decision to make. As for your
efforts in the relationship, relationships aren’t always 50%/50%..actually
that’s probably pretty Sometimes it’s 80/20, others it’s 20/80…
the key is it all balances out in the end.

If he gets help from an MD, and makes the effort to get his life straightened
out, then perhaps you two can begin again.

Sometimes the hardest decisions we have to make involve re-directing our lives
back in the direction we want them to go.