Reply To: ADHD 15 yr old Stepson


Sorry it’s taken so long to reply. I think your situation is different to mine. It sounds to me like you are doing everything in your power to try and find out more and are putting in the hard work. I don’t think that is bad parenting. What I’m up against is their mother who complains she does everything for her kids and complains of being inconvenienced for eg a 20 min advanced warning delay in the pickup. However she only has her kids every second weekend, and sometimes not that much. So I don’t really know the example she set when she was here or what she does on weekends. I just don’t feel like the explanation I’ve received on here gets to the crux of the problem. Ie let them go out in dirty clothes or not shower because an adhd kid might be focused on other things. Let them not do their homework because they are focused on other things and you will make them hate school. I want to know what the expectations should be. I want to know is it ok to yell at your dad because your computer privileges got taken away because you didn’t do your homework, but you should have your computer privileges because the reason you didn’t do your homework was you blatantly lied when asked if you had any… in my opinion they need a good kick up the arse so I’m asking for advice as to what they shouldn’t get punished for