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Hi Olivia,

I’m interested in learning more about the documentary. Both my Mum and I were diagnosed with ADD. For me it was at 17, for her it was at 52. In girls, it often goes under the radar. I was the last person you’d suspect. I frequently won academic accolades and received a 50% scholarship to a prestigious private school, I was straight A student up until year 10 when the workload became overwhelming and it baffled my teachers why such an intelligent student could not submit a single assignment on time and received over 50 late slips to school in her final year. Psychologists, teachers, counsellors and my GP alike whom I had seen for an eating disorder all failed to detect it. With the aid of treatment, I’m now 21 and studying at uni. There is much more detail and background to my family and my story.

I am truly elated a documentary is being made! I hadn’t heard of ADD until a diagnosis landed on my lap so in my opinion, raising public awareness, reducing stigmatisation/misconception and promoting early detection are just some of the good things that will come from a documentary about this common but severely misunderstood condition.
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to know more.
Kind regards,