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I too would like to know more about CBD options. I feel for you, and the Pharma world is such a difficult and scary place to navigate. My daughter started meds this past year, suddenly developed tics that she too was aware of and embarrassed by. It began a nose dive emotionally, socially, scholastically, etc. It took 3 months for them to dissipate, on the meds, off the meds, nobody has clear answers. I feel it was stress and hormone related as the tics only flare up now when she is tired and or stressed.

My best advice to you is what I have been told and try to remind myself of everyday….you are doing the best you can for your child. Each child is different, each child with ADHD is different, there is no once size fits all so keep plugging away until you find the right fit for him. Maybe it is CBD, Diet, Activity, Meditation or maybe time and all of the above. The fact that you continue to seek answers to help him speaks to your love and dedication which will help get them through this and where he needs to be. Good luck