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I need to start with this, the “plain old pill” is most commonly a mix of estrogen and progesterone. there are some variations of the form of these hormones, the doses of each hormone in it and how bioavailable they are. They can also be delivered via patch or vaginal ring or in a medicated iud. Beyond that, there’s the so called mini pill which is progesterone only and can be fussy about time of day one takes it or if you miss you may be mama! There is also the shot, depo provera, which is given once in three months and is not weight/dose controlled. I took it in between my first and second child because it’s compatible with breastfeeding. I don’t remember if it made my ADD worse, I was working night shift at the time and was disrupted enough from that.

I did take a low dose combo pill through my twenties and about half or 3/4 way through nursing school. I am going to chew on this info for a while

It’s interesting!