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Had, gotta ask…have you talked (not argued) with him about these issues?

I say this because my wife was getting upset over issues that I was
completely clueless about. All couples have issues at one time or
another, and fortunately life experience has taught us both that
a respectful discussion beats the crap out of having an argument.

Hopefully he can come to understand that, as a wife, woman, and
an individual, you have expectations and concerns that are otherwise
not being addressed.

He also needs to understand that, while he’s not a bad man, he is doing
some things that are bad. Actions (or inaction) have consequences,
and the things he’s doing are having a bad effect one you and the

FWIW, I’m a 60 year old guy with ADHD that’s been divorced 3 times, and
married 4 times. My Queen and I have now been happily married for
17 years, and the only reason our relationship has lasted is because
we have both seen enough arguing in our lives, so instead we sit down
and talk things out.

It does bring a much more harmonious outcome.

I wish you only the very best in working this out with your