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I’m not convinced meds help a ton with organized thinking, but I do take them and do feel I’d be worse off without them.

And I must tell you that I have the exact same problem — rambling in interviews — and for me it is absolutely because I, too, have difficulty organizing and prioritizing my thoughts (definitely an ADHD trait). I think Nicole’s suggestions are terrific, especially the practicing part.

In my field (senior executive management), the questions in interviews tend to mostly be behavioral (“tell me about a time when you X”). I know that in preparation, I need to concisely write down between five and ten examples that will best answer the questions I anticipate (based on the job requirements, and other research) that I will be asked, and I do so. But I practice verbally delivering what I’ve painstakingly put together far too little, because for some reason, practicing drives me crazy. I have no patience for it.

I like Nicole’s time increment idea, and I’m going to try that.

So…Norah, you are very much not alone! Thank you for sharing, and Nicole, thank you for your suggestions!