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Penny Williams

This article offers some advice on making reading more engaging:

Make Reading Riveting

My son has never been interested in reading. He’s a good reader, but loses his place constantly on the page (tracking struggles) and comprehension has often been a struggle. He’s going into 11th grade this fall and I can’t remember the last time he read a chapter book. But he isn’t really “behind” in reading. In fact, he’s probably advanced in fluency. I think the comprehension issues are really distractibility and his mind wandering. He’s been in inclusion English classes the last couple years and they read the required chapter books aloud together as a class. He has been enjoying that and many of the stories. He doesn’t enjoy with they pick apart even detail and try to determine symbolisms and hidden meanings — he’s very literal and he just doesn’t have any interest in thinking stories half to death (I never did either, and I’m a writer!).

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