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I struggle with this right now–so glad I found this post.
I didn’t become a coffee drinker until around 23….now I do feel a bit dependent on it. I had been taking my meds after coffee–but that didn’t feel the best. I’m 33 & don’t suffer from high blood pressure, but occasionally when I’m stressin to be somewhere & then they check it–it’s been on the cusp & I feel it.
SO NOW, I take my meds 1st thing upon waking & wait an hr to have coffee–I have an espresso maker, so STRAIGHT TO THE DOME. It’s ok–but acid decreases the effectiveness of adderall—even thought I wait an hr—that might not be long enough. I’m going to try today not to have any coffee & see if it’s also making me jolt in the morning—then be tired in the afternoon & making the adderall less effective. For those will slow guts in the morning–stimulants wake your stomach up all the same as coffee–this amazed me.