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Mouse, you’re most certainly not alone in the “forgot my stuff” department.

Keys and a phone are small things (in size)…ever lost the hood of your
car? I did..:)

It was a Chevy Luv pickup with a canopy on the back, and while I was replacing
the 4-banger with a Chevy V8, I had taken the hood off and set it on top of
the canopy to keep it out of the way.

Month later I’ve got the new engine and all installed, so of course I wanted
to take it out for a test drive. Never even thought about the hood on top of
the canopy…somewhere along the road it must have lifted off the canopy and
as to where it went….well, I never could find it. Custom hood with a scoop..

I could go on all day about stuff I’ve lost/forgotten behind, so cheer up!
Your keys will show up sooner or later, and as ADHD Momma suggested, you might
be able to track down your phone.