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Self-employment might be the answer. I had difficulty finding or holding any kind of job, even though educated, many talents, high IQ, etc. Often I quit after a few months out of boredom or frustration. Terrible resume, still doing fast food and other joe jobs in my 40s. I tried starting small businesses a few times, but resigned myself to not being able to hack that either.

Then at age 50 I found myself in a situation (isolated location, no car) where I really couldn’t get a job of any kind. I did have access to a computer, so I decided to become a freelance copy editor, even though I had no training or experience.

I stumbled around and made lots of mistakes at first (not so much with the editing, but with the business aspects), but I didn’t give up. After a couple of years of part time I became full time. I never made a lot of money because I’m a slow worker, but I was able to support myself doing this until age 65.

I tried all different things with timers and so on until I figured out a process that worked for me.

In retrospect I think it might have been easier to make money selling something at the local market. Or maybe you have some other skill you can sell, or a passion you could develop into an income source.

In my opinion, you’re better off trying something that doesn’t require any certification, as you don’t want yet another expensive and useless piece of paper. And you’ll be happier finding your own path rather than trying to conform to what some governing body thinks you should follow.

I believe I have some degree of ADD, although I was never diagnosed. Good luck!

(I apologize for any errors. It’s hard for me to type on a cell phone.)

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