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After my family doctor proved too busy to work with me to get meds straightened out and effective,I was referred to a local psychiatry practice. They called me on the phone to do my intake and in the process told me that they didn’t prescribe ANY SCHEDULED MEDS I’m in the US, here a scheduled med are meds that could potentially be abused or addictive, they fall in 4 different classes, schedule I is meds that aren’t, like cocaine or heroin. Schedule II are meds like adderall, ritalin, morphine and dilaudid. schedule III and IV are meds like tylenol w/codeine, benzodiazepines and some sleeping pills like lunesta and ambien. If a psych practice won’t prescribe stimulants it’s a pretty good bet they aren’t well versed in ADHD.

On the prescriber end in the US there are some pretty onerous conditions they have to follow and some practices decide it’s too much of a pain in the butt. They won’t prescribe and that’s the end of it. We also have a shortage of psychiatrists which doesn’t help.

I hope this information helps and if anyone can give a rundown of how this stuff works in other nations it might help folks navigate a system that tends to mistreat ADHD adults at times.