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Something to consider when taking medications for anxiety and depression, is that they usually come hand in hand for a reason. So it begs the question, which came first? the chicken or the egg? are you depressed because you have been anxious for so long that there seems to be no end? or are you anxious because you have been depressed, a very stressful situation to be in. Usually, by identifying the core issue, depression or anxiety, and treating that, your other symptoms will lessen. I’ve had symptoms of ADHD since I was a 7, and anxiety since I was 10. By identifying anxiety as the cause of my depression, and treating the anxiety, my depression began to melt away too. (It seems important to note that my anxiety was caused by my ADHD, as I was constantly afraid of being rejected for not being normal.) perhaps ask your psychiatrist about the medication which you’re taking and whether its targeting the chicken (depression) or the egg (anxiety). this may help lessen the feelings of depression which you have battled.

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