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I don’t see this as over reacting. I’ve gone to a variety of schools (my family moved a lot as a child) and I have never experienced or seen such strict actions taken for what you mentioned. To me, it seems as though there is something deeper going on. Unless similar disciplinary actions have been taken with other students who have performed the same/ similar ways, then there might be some type of bias towards your child. Perhaps I’m over reacting, maybe in your state there is a lot more stress on actions, or maybe he goes to a school with military values. but there is something off about this situation, their lack of respect for you, lying, it all seems to be a larger issue. I would start by asking other parents and your child about the way the teachers interact with the other students. if this is a unique reaction with pertains to strictly your child or to children with ADHD then you have grounds to raise this issue to the district which may result in accommodations for you child. I hope this helps!

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