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Hi there possiblyadd. I am currently trying to slow down too. I’m going with the mantra ‘Do little but do it well’. Like you I have had issues where I am just not getting to grips with things that are very important to my wife. She likes quiet in the early hours and I didn’t think I was being that noisy but I surely was. I am now approaching it with a holistic strategy of slowing everything I do right down. I’m not there yet but getting there. When I notice I am going 100 miles an hour I reprimand myself and purposefully slow down. I am practicing being more deliberate and methodical with every single thing I do.
Haven’t had the chance to practice these techniques out in the mornings yet but for me it’s shutting doors quietly and remembering to whisper and engage in quiet activities all the time whilst others are in bed upstairs.
I found it really hard to climb down from the defensive position I got myself in citing that I didn’t think I was that noisy. Overcoming my want not to be in the wrong was the most difficult obstacle. But I really don’t think I will achieve this task without looking at the whole and starting to do all things with methodical purposeful and deliberate care. This is going to make me slow right down for sure but I think I will get more out of everything I do by doing it this way. Thanks for sharing your post.