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The key to taking ADHD medications is constancy! i’ve been taking Adderall for about a year and a half and it was like a switch flicked when I started taking it every day, rather than when I thought I needed it. When I was taking it to study for a test, or finish a project, tasks that required my undivided focus, I was irritable, I didn’t eat, and I became almost robotic. But as soon as I started taking my Adderall every day, my emotions and actions began to shift back to where I normally operate. It takes some time, but eventually my appetite came back, I was able to joke and laugh with my family, and my perspective on life became more positive as a result of my medication and consistency. The first few days, or even weeks might be scary, it might seem as though your son isn’t himself, but if his journey is anything like mine, he’ll soon be back to his old self, but with more control and the ability to focus.