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This is almost exactly my situation! From the ages of 12 to 18 I was pretty overweight, not obese, but heavy enough that it began to affect my health. Once I was diagnosed with ADHD, and put on Adderall, my weight began to slip right off. i’ve always been grateful for the Adderall and how its given me a normal life with a weight which I can be happy at, but I know it isn’t this way for everyone. I would encourage you to think of it as not a weakness to need medication, but at a given. I doubt that you would fault a Type 1 Diabetic for using insulin. In my opinion, its a very similar situation! My brother happens to be a Type 1 Diabetic and he and I had a lot of talks when we were both starting to understand our health drawbacks. Adderall helps me function, it doesn’t make me “normal,” whatever the hell that means, but it does allow me to work like the majority of society does. Its similar when thinking about weight loss. If it was your ADHD which made you susceptible to gaining weight, then why shouldn’t the medicine which addressed the disorder help with weight too? Weight loss is a side affect, but its also addressing a side affect of the disorder. I hope this helps!