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I definitely felt the strength of lexapro & maybe it will help you. Only one way to find out. I will tell you, I did well on Wellbutrin XR—but it took months. It’s the most prescribed SSRI–mostly due, I think to it’s lack of side effects. If you think this is too much TMI, but it’s my experience—It affected delayed orgasms (not just in me, but my husband took it & experienced it too) AND my intestines just never “woke up” after coffee like normal. Maybe something to do with 90% of your serotonin being in your gut.

I’m SORRY YOU’RE FEELING THIS WAY…..depression and anxiety & on top of that your living situation would stress anyone out. I lived in an apt once, where the manager was OBSESSED with helping this handicapped guy—I’d get all these phone calls about my bf’s dog off a leash when we were just walking to each others apartments. She even knocked on my door to accuse me of hitting his car bc I had a dent on one side of my bumper. I had to wait for the cops to confirm, “no, that is not from hitting his car–that’d be imposssible.” 33-year old Diane (me), would DEF not put up with that treatment nowadays!
I know it’s difficult to find another place to live, but I think you’ll feel better, if you at least start looking in that direction……nobody does well with a landlord breathing down their neck like that—I call that mental illness for SURE!