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I’m an Adult that has been trying to get diagnosed for the last 5 years ..unfortunately due to lack of funds cannot afford too I’ve tried through county resources only to have them tell me I’m fine and maybe show some signs of depression. After reading about ADD I found out that growing up there were alot of signs that were missed. Having lived with it for so long I have gotten good at dismissing my symptoms having lived by myself for the last 20 years it made it easy to hide or lock myself away when I couldnt cope with people. Growing up I guess I use to talk to much at times my parents learned to tune me out and I accepted it as ok. I has problems making friends and throughout life problems with relationships..never married and just within the past 3 years started having problems coping with my living situation and felt helpless in figuring out what to do only to end up homeless and needless to say had alot of time on my hands so I decided to try self help “you mean in not lazy,stupid or crazy. Which seemed to putting things in perspective for me. It seemed as though my parents grew very frustrated with me thinking that I only contacted them when I wanted money. And didnt appreciate that I didnt keep in contact with them as my sister did. It’s been one roller coaster after another and I’m getting tired of riding.
So you see I think I’m add but still seaking diagnosis..there’s much more but dont know if I would be what your looking for as a participant..