Reply To: Date Night Fail


I don’t like what you’ve described here Lori. Closely resembles to what I went through with my former boyfriend who has unmedicated ADHD. Please notice that I did a lot of research and discovered that he was also a narcissist. Maybe you’d be interested in the book titled the human magnet syndrome? It really describes on a scale how selfish a CO morbid ADHD person can also be. I think this could apply to you. It seems as though narcissism was reflected in his behavior on ditching you for this party as well as in other ways like how he is getting along with other women as well as sleeping alone and not considering your feelings about being injured on the amount of work you put in on that party day. I’m sure there are many more instances that do point to his narcissistic behavior. Look, this was a hard pill for me to swallow that I could be so caring and individual and that my partner be the opposite. You maybe in a little bit of denial in describing him as kind. This is just my opinion and I am not judging you as I was in the similar situation and it was such a challenge to overcome. I just realized that my partner’s mental illness was not something that a relationship could Prevail over. That I was indeed experiencing extreme selfish Ness at the hands of someone who I thought loved me but really didn’t when I began taking daily notes such as what you have done just by posting on this blog a few times. Lori please take a hard look at how different this relationship is from what you imagine you are capable of obtaining.