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I have self medicated with cannabis for about 4 years since it became fully legal and incredibly cheap. It’s cheaper than cigarettes here.

It helps with pain, fear, depression and anxiety. Mainly the pain and fear of running out, the depression that brings, and the anxiety of NOT BEING STONED. ;-P (Sorry, I adapted a meme I’d seen.

It does definitely help my anxiety and back pain. Other than that, it just gets me stoned too much to feel like doing much of anything. Except my other self-medicine, IV meth.

Yes that’s true. For about 15 years now I’ve been a tweaker as they say. I don’t steal from people, scrap cars, (though I drive a custom van w/license & insurance) or mow my lawn at 3am.I have all my teeth, (except one that I broke on a bbq rib but that was 20yrs ago.) I hold a BA in computers, though don’t work any longer because I developed MS 4 years ago and am on disability. I do run an underground “nightclub” though.

However I actually like my life now. I finally have self confidence and often feel good about myself. I am 53 and usually date women under 40. And there are no shortage of them if one has confidence.

However, I can give none of the credit of my fairly recent awareness to drugs. I dated and lived with a friend I’d known 30 years who told me they’d desired me all that time. They made me feel attractive again and gave me back my mojo.

Pot is no miracle drug. It gets you high. I haven’t noticed any effect on pain & anxiety from the high CBD/low or no THC strains. And meth. Don’t bother to go there. What’s sold today has little to no actual methamphetamine in it.

I have cut my use down to very occasionally. At one time it was a daily obsession until I realized that ‘its all just sh**’

What I do I wouldn’t recommend to anyone, but it’s working for me.