Reply To: Newly diagnosed 7 yo girl


Hi. Sorry, just means stimulants, eg ritalin, concerta, adderal dexamphetamine. I am not sure about these and anxiety. They help the ADHD but they can make some kids less anxious but some more (and me). They also affect sleep Its hard because they cant really explain how they feel. I am not knocking them at all. I have found concerta best.

What I am saying is that for what I would refer to as the emotional dysregulation, in my sons case frustration and anger and embarrassment leading to hugely out of proportion reactions then the risperdal was the missing link for us. Plus it helps sleep. I do not think they give it to adults as an adjunct for ADHD, but they do give to kids at a low dose.

Maybe a stimulant alone will be the answer, but I thought your lot sounded a bit like us a while back, so I thought I would share this as requested. I hope it is useful.

I am not surprised you are pretty tired.