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I’m sure doing chores till 10 PM is No picnic, But I am the extreme opposite. I don’t want to do A Damn thing. If I smoke marijuana, It gives me too much anxiety, The anxiety will wear off, then sometimes I feel like doing things, But I guess I really don’t like smoking it that much.
I can’t wait to take my sleeping pills at night, and don’t get out of bed till 3PM I don’t shower, I hate to leave the house. I often wish I would pass away. I am not eating right, there is Never! nothing good to eat in the house.
If I complain on Facebook, I am told to “Be Happy”
and to Count My Blessings” And that Makes me mad.
I Know I should be grateful, and lots of people have it worse than me,
But it’s not like Im doing this on Purpose.
people always have to play the devils advocate.
I tried wellbutrin for 6 weeks but it hasn’t done any good, And I have not been able to Drag myself to the doctors since then.
Do you think Lexapro would work better than Wellbutrin?
Oh, I tried CBD Oil, It was supposed to be a Good quality brand, But It didn’t do any good.
Also the first time I took it I took 7 Drops, I got noticeably tired.
The lady that sells it said I should “Take a Walk”
Either that, or I could not take the CBD, not get tired, then I wouldn’t need to take a walk, I have a bit of a Hard time walking, and am often clumbsy, and It makes me mad.
I told her “I didn’t want to take a walk”
Then They give you This B/S about “Finding the sweet spot” dosage wise,
I think It’s a Bunch of B/S and they just want to Sell The CBD to make commission.
Oh then another Lady at the facebook group, said I was “Probably detoxing” LMAO yeah, 7or 8 drops of CBD oil, the toxins were just rushing out of my body. What, Do they think people are stupid.
I hate My life these days.