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Followup: I really like what the other members had to say as well! I lied like crazy as well. It was truly impulsive. Damnmouse has some very good thoughts on that. Just be careful not to get super angry and also, remember she needs your love SO VERY MUCH MORE than your correction. That is the one thing I still struggle with as an adult. Shame stays with me for anything I mess up, even unknowingly. I had to change religion to find one that preaches love and grace on a weekly basis. The culture of my family church growing up was very focused on what others thought of you. Kids with ADHD do not thrive in that kind of environment. My mother did not understand me and gave up trying to which meant she gave up loving me. Never give up on her! Never give up loving her! The fact that you are writing in says you do still love her very much, enough to share your story to get help! This is a very good thing! Kudos!