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I have ADD and have told a couple of family members but largely I havent told anyone, most friends and definately not work.
The reason I dont is that there is a stigma around ADD. There are a few such as “it doesnt really exist” ” it’s an excuse for bad behaviour and poor performance” and even the drug use and leg up you may have from taking medication since those medications have a reputation for being abused by university students getting a boost from it and even if people do know they forget and are often not empathetic or understanding, telling them doesnt help and if anything makes things worse.
But with your situation is it a case of your husband being embarrassed by you and your condition or does he think you will further stigmatized and marginalized by his family ? if he is embarrassed especially if you are not then that could be a problem. But if he feels he knows his family and telling them would make things worse for your relationship with them then I might agree with him.

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