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Aspie with ADHD and I’m recovering from my last burnout and it’s just getting worse with age. Family meetings are the absolute worst, although I have a nice family, bless them, so I decided that if my husband doesn’t support me I’m going to have to tell. He tried to argue that it’s because I’m thinking too much about it. I’m sort of in the same boat except I can’t tell anyone, I live in India and telling family will probably make things a hundred times worse, so only my husband knows, plus I’m not officially diagnosed (I just filled in a grocery list of symptoms and realised I have my limitations and a broken brain). My son has ADHD I guess I just have to accept it when people think I’m standoffish, lazy, cold, inconsiderate or selfish, it’s better than dealing with meltdowns or publicly embarrassing myself when it gets too much. Not much of a choice, so boundaries it is.