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I was living in a fool’s paradise for a long time, believing that generics were reliably the same as the ‘name brands’. Then, in the past few months I started reading about the problems with overseas production companies, particularly in India.

I’m 64, and was diagnosed late in life, ~age 58, and have done pretty well on daily XR doses ranging from 20mg to as high as 60mg per day. I’ve settled at 40 mg/day, and on many non-work days I skip the adderall entirely. I never doubted the potency of the medication until recently.

I have a good deal of latitude in timing my doses, and I know that I can feel it kicking in ~30-40 minutes after taking it. I take one in the morning to take effect when I start work, and usually the 2nd before lunch.

The prescription I’ve been taking is from Aurobindo, and over the last week I wondered if I was developing a resistance to it. The 2nd dose is usually more noticeable to me than the early dose, and overall seemed like next-to-nothing lately. Yesterday, I ended up taking a 3rd 20mg dose 90 minutes after the 2nd one, and 10mg an hour after that. I did this, suspecting there was something wrong with the medication. A double dose so close together should have had an obvious effect, and there was nothing. And then I stumbled upon this forum just now!
I’ll be discussing this with the dispensing pharmacist, as well as my doctor, to see what they say. I believe if this particular prescription from Aurobindo were tested, it would show little to no potency. I’ll probably request the non-generic medication the next time, if it’s even available.

Thanks for reading this far!