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Hi All, I wanted to get back to you with an update. We went back to the ADHD specialist psychiatrist and this time it went quite well. The doctor is suggesting increasing H’s dose of Welbutrin from 150mg daily, maybe up to 300 daily, and in addition Omega3 in a very high dose. Apparently 2,000 EPA per day shows excellent results in both depression and ADHD. H is keener on this approach than on trying stimulants.
We are seeing his regular psychiatrist next week (the ADHD specialist has written him a letter with his findings) and we will then see what he decides. H is also taking a “TOVA” test – I think it stands for test of variable attention, to give a baseline of his focus and attention before the dosage changes.
I’d be very interested in others’ views.
Things are a little calmer at the moment although I am learning not to ask him to do things that I know stress him (like spending more than minimal time with our 3 grandkids).. not sure it’s the right approach but it seems to be working for us.
Wishing everyone a lovely weekend