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It is dominance/bullying behavior. And it is indeed utterly disrespectful.
When a similar situation arises go for the tried and true cliched “remind her of her borders and that she is out of line in a firm neutral tone of voice.”. Such people usually won’t tell you what their real deal is why they are messing with you and who cares really if they are so passive-aggressive about it. And once such a pattern and relationship is established it is hard to get out of.
If she doesn’t get the memo and you can’t keep her away from you/avoid her you might have to play some office politics I suppose. Make friends with other coworkers and find out what her deal is and then find a way to put her back in her place. Depending whether she is just a hysterical type or a downright sociopath she might also be lazy and not live up to her mistakes so getting the boss involved about her doing sloppy work might be of interest to him. But that would open a whole other messy can of worms.

I would advise against telling your boss about your ADD. What would be the point and solution? What positive could come out of this? What would he think what he is supposed to do with that information? Kind of in dmu1970’s vein. Many people would probably just think you are mentally unstable/weak and you might need a babysitter or something of that sort?

That’s all I got. Good luck with your situation and I hope it will be quickly resolved in a satisfactory way.

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