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Hi. I really seriously suck at filing. So much that my own dad fired me. I got a job in college as an admin asst. didn’t get fired because I quit first. Could not remember people’s names when I answered the phone. Tried writing them down but then I missed what they were calling about. Could not do the job.
Fast forward through a few career changes, and I’m working at a high level with a huge, prestigious company. I manage information technology projects. My job is to organize giant projects. How? Because while I can’t remember anyone’s name until Ive been told 10 times, I can see the thousand little pieces and fit them together.
Have faith. There is a career or lifestyle or whatever you want to call it out there for you. When you find it, you will know. And part of finding that is being able to step away from your current job and know it was the job, not you. Steve Jobs would never have been able to hold down a job at a factory. Elon musk would be drummed out of the military in a heartbeat. But that’s because of the fit, not the person. Don’t own this as a failure. Recognize that you tried as hard as you could and that is all any human can do. Then move on. ❤️❤️❤️