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Hi! I think my opinion is a little different, but I want to share because I so understand how frustrating being 13 and ADHD is. I do think that diet and meditation can impact adhd. However, thinking you might be able to control those in a 13 year old is probably far fetched.
I have tried medication after medication through the years. What I have found is there are side effects and then things that feel like side effects but are actually the medication working. In college I kept trying to go off my meds because they made me sleepy. The reality is that without the meds I only need about 4 hours of sleep. But then over time my impulsivity and emotions get out of hand. On meds, I’m sleepy and need about 8 hours of sleep. That isn’t a side effect. That is how most people work. It is really hard to differentiate when you are in it. So, I would say keep trying. However, if the doctor can’t explain why he has chosen one med over another and what the next step is if this doesn’t work, I would move on. Look at reaching out to the nearest CHADD group – it is a great way to get the skinny on the local docs. Best of luck to you both.